Frequently asked questions

What is Rokkr PREMIUM?
Rokkr PREMIUM offers you full access to Rokkr without advertising.
How many devices can I use with PREMIUM at the same time?

You can easily log into your PREMIUM account on all devices. However, in the near future it will no longer be possible to use Rokkr PREMIUM "simultaneously" on all devices.

I can't update Rokkr.

Please download the current "Rokkr" version. You can find all download links on our download page.

Can I use Rokkr as a FREE user?

You have between 5 and 30 minutes of playback time during the day.

Does Rokkr support the bittorent protocol?


I have an issue with a bundle.

We accept no liability for external bundles, and therefore we can't offer support for them.

What is a bundle-URL?

Rokkr bundles make it easier to set up Rokkr. As soon as you have entered a bundle URL, Rokkr will process the installation automatically and is directly ready for use.

Where can I find a bundle-URL?

For example, if you enter as the bundle URL, you will receive a selection of bundles provided by us.

Does Rokkr contain spyware or adware?

Rokkr is completely free of spyware and adware.

Which operating systems are supported by Rokkr?

All supported operating systems are listed at the download section of our website.

I get the error "Can't load plugin" on MacOS?

For Rokkr you need at least MacOS High Sierra. Unfortunately, our app does not run on older versions.

How do I start Rokkr under Linux?

On some Linux distributions you have to make the AppImage file executable. Open a terminal and enter the following there: "chmod x Rokkr - *. AppImage"

I have paid but have not yet received a PREMIUM.

If you have paid via Google, close the Rokkr app completely and then start it again. Your PREMIUM account will be created after a few seconds.

Do I need to register for using Rokkr?

No, a registration is not mandatory.

Are any metadata of me saved in Rokkr?

No. The privacy and trust of our customers are very important to us.
Therefore, no such information about our customers is recorded.

Although I've paid, I haven't received the Rokkr PREMIUM status.

Please first check whether the payment transfer was actually successful.
Was the payment successful and you still haven't received your Rokkr PREMIUM account after 24 hours?
Please contact us right away. We will help you immediately.

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