Pure internet. That rokks.

The browser
with VPN & adblock.
The browser
with VPN & adblock.


TV Support.

Enhances the user experience when surfing on the TV through intuitive navigation with the remote control.


Protect your privacy and surf the internet safely. With our integrated VPN this is no problem.


No advertising. No distraction. No compromise. With our integrated ad blocker you can fully concentrate on what really matters.


Provides comprehensive support for a wide range of video formats.

Our mission

When we think about surfing the Internet, we often ignore the browser itself. Instead, we think about all the things we do online - the articles we read, the emails we send, the broadcasts we make look at us. The software that makes all of this possible, the browser, is so ubiquitous that it is ignored.

Although the way we use the Internet has evolved, the browser has remained relatively unchanged. While all of our other software tools are changing for the better - with more collaboration features, flexible interfaces and powerful features - the browser still essentially does what it did twenty-five years ago.

That's why we're developing a new browser we're calling Rokkr, because we believe browsers can do so much more to help us. We imagine a browser that does the work for us and encourages our creativity. A browser that prepares for how we will use the internet in 2024 and lays the foundation for how we want to use it in the future.


We're nerds with principles. What others define as work is pure passion for us. We therefore act in a structured, determined manner and are always open to new impulses. Team spirit is just as important to us as the competence of each individual. Work at Rokkr? That rokks. After all, we have already been able to inspire the internet community with previous projects. We never rest on previous successes, and therefore our goal is no less than to establish Rokkr as the best browser in the world.