Pure entertainment. That rokks.

Your browser for media.
Your browser
for media.

That's why Rokkr really rokks

It simply rokks, when optimal usability meets technical excellence. Rokkr can not only play your media, but also offers the functionality of a browser. This combination rokks and ensures entertainment. This is exactly what many users of our app have recognized and that is why the name Rokkr can be found egularly in the top charts of entertainment apps. Download the free Rokkr app now and start enjoying true entertainment.


Addons for more entertainment.

We are not alone. Numerous developers have already released addons for Rokkr to make our app even more rokking.

All you can watch.

You can access all your content now in a bundled and powerful way with a single app.


We're nerds with principles. What others define as work is pure passion for us. We therefore act in a structured, determined manner and are always open to new impulses. Team spirit is just as important to us as the competence of each individual. Work at Rokkr? That rokks. After all, we have already been able to inspire the internet community with previous projects. We never rest on previous successes, and therefore our goal is no less than to establish Rokkr as the best media browser in the world.